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Born: August 4, 1919
- Killed in Action

Earl Duvall


Served During:


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  • US Army

Earl Armond Duval (AKA Duvall, AKA Armon E. Duval) enlisted into the Army’s Quartermaster Corps on 9 December 1940 and was discharged on 29 September 1944 with a rank of Corporal. He served in the 86th Chemical Battalion, Co. C. He was married to Beatrice Monette of Worcester, Ma. He is buried in Notre Came Cemetery in Southbridge, Massachusetts. A request for a Flat Granite Marker was submitted to the cemetery by his mother Albertine Duval on 24 February 1949. His body might not be buried at this site as it is stated in his wife’s obituary that he died in the Invasion of Normandy but this has not been verified.