John S. Reed

John S. Reed

Born: April 15, 1921
Died: June 12, 1983

Lived in Portsmouth for 32 years

John S. Reed

Served During:


Served In:

  • US Navy

John Reed enlisted in the military in 1944 and served in the US Navy until 1946.  After serving our country during World War II, he moved to Portsmouth, RI where he lived until 1983.  John was elected and installed master of Eureka Lodge Number 22 on November 12, 1957 and also served as Secretary.  He was the owner of Tudor Real Estate in Portsmouth.

Boot Camp (1944)  John Reed is in fourth row from the bottom and 4 in from the left.

Photograph is titled “Two boys from Fall River and the Seekonk boy in the middle”.  John is on the left.