Antone Santos

Antone Santos

Born: August 4, 1923
Died: August 11, 1944 - Killed in Action

Antone Santos


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  • US Army

Private Antone Santos enlisted on 22 Jun 1943 into the US Army’s 569th Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion, Battery D, Mobile, USA, WWII.  The original 569th, was organized on 10 May. 1943 and designated as a Coast Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion at Camp Haan; Riverside, California. Authority for organization was Headquarters AntiAircraft Command, Richmond, Virginia; 03 April 1943. Sources from which personnel was obtained was a cadre from the 461st, Coast Artillery AA Battalion and draftees, largely from New England and Ohio.
It was reorganized on 14 June, 1943 into a headquarters Battery and A. B, C and D Batteries with Lt. Col. Hoyt C. Stevens as Battalion Commander from 10 May 1943 to 09 November. 1943. Buried in Pocassat Cemetery, Tiverton, RI.